Monday, February 16, 2009

Long Journey on the Internet's "Series of Tubes"

For those unfamiliar with the "series of tubes" quote, this phrase arose from Senator Ted Stevens' rather inarticulate explanation of how the Internet works. In my own case, the "series of tubes" has worked rather well. In fact, I found myself, living in Evanston, Illinois USA, being quoted as far away as New Zealand.

Some of the places my Internet quotes have traveled:

- A popular Maori politician in New Zealand
- A brochure for an abuse prevention nonprofit in Duluth, MN
- The Times of India, online version
- Numerous blogs in the US, Canada and other countries
- A Bangladeshi performing arts group in the U.K.
- The "Signals" gift catalog supporting public television

Each has quoted me on the Internet, using aphorisms I posted at -- is an Internet community focusing on positive change and progressive spirituality. Apparently, they are successful at getting good placement on the search engines! For those of us who write short statements of observation or philosophy (most of which are of twitterable length), it is amazing to see these quotes travel around the world, like seeds dispersed by the wind.

Some of my quotes that have turned up far away include, "Life is a Strange School," "It takes community to maintain a human" and "The three glues that hold humankind together are the courage of women, the compassion of men and the laughter of children."

Here's where some of them went:

(The brochure of a nonprofit in Duluth, MN fighting domestic abuse)

India (An editorial on peace and tolerance in the Times of India)

New Zealand (Final paragraph of a Maori Party leader's speech)

(Earon is writing a book on human nature and sustainability - He can also be found on, where he is happy to network with others.)


meenakshi said...
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meenakshi said...

Earon, this is indeed inspiring.
I am so glad that you've found a wonderful vehicle to take your wisdom world-wide.

Earon S. Davis, JD, MPH, LCMT said...

Thanks, Meenakshi. Indeed, is a remarkable resource, globally, and I think that its database on quotations gets great rankings on the search engines. Other websites have bookshelf databases where one can post their books, but I haven't seen a social network that has databases for quotations and books and also has blogging.